May 9, 2017


As a writer and editor with strong web skills, I can help craft, shape, refine, and publish all things content related. That typically breaks out to these services:

Any given project might require one, two, or a combination of the above services. I can work with you to determine what might be needed.

Below are some examples of the kinds of projects I can help with.

Web content


  • Web pages | landing pages.
  • Site design | redesign | ongoing content updates.
  • Blog posts and articles.
  • User interface (UI) text: Navigation/menus, banners, links, buttons, notifications. More about UI.
  • User experience (UX) design: Anything on your site that helps visitors locate information, read and understand it, then take the desired action. More about UX.

Other online content:

  • Email communications
  • Newsletters
  • Surveys and digital forms
  • Social media posts: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn company profiles

Marketing materials

  • Brochures and product sheets
  • Case studies and client testimonials
  • White papers
  • Staff bios and profiles
  • Essays | op-eds
  • Books and manuscripts

Editing & style

  • Quick review and proofread to check spelling, grammar, style, usage, and mechanics
  • Edits for logic, cohesion, and flow
  • Streamline, add transitions, and rewrite to cut word count
  • Optimize text for readability, usability, accessibility, and SEO
  • Professional edit for proposals/RFPs
  • Style guides and guidelines: Create, manage, and uphold

Job search & career

  • Resumés
  • Bios
  • Online portfolios
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Cover letters

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